The Similarities of Humans to Clocks

The clock is constantly ticking on walls and desks all over the world. It serves as the main reminder to the fact that everybody’s time is limited. All existence must eventually come to a halt and the clock ticks it well into our heads.

This purpose that it serves of reminding us that we will all come to this fate makes the clock a creepy invention. It somehow tries to let us know that every passing second is one that we should enjoy to its fullest potential. The world will not slow down for us to catch up.

Instead of the clock making us just drop everything down and enjoy the time we have, it forces us to do the opposite.

Every single time we look at a clock we cannot help it but wonder if we are going to make it to that appointment. We keep thinking about the job at hand that we have to handle. It is all about toil and hard work with the clock in your face.

Nobody ever has time nowadays to just kick back and smell the roses because of the clock. It has become a slave master with an invisible whip cracking in every tick it makes.

One however has to commend the clock for being a good motivator. It is the only thing that makes it possible to make it for appointments. It is the only thing that makes it possible to allocate and carry out tasks with order. It is the only thing that reminds us that there is some more work that needs to be done before a certain time.

It propels us into the future and yet makes sure that we keep our heads in the present knowing that time is not infinite for us; a beautifully balanced dichotomy.

Humans have this dual nature as well.

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