Always Improve on Yourself


A planned visit to Trinidad and Tobago sometime ago by a former American president, suddenly took an amazing turn from the initial plan. The presidential aircraft popularly known as Air force one could not land in Trinidad and Tobago. It was reported that the runway of the airport was too short. Therefore, the aircraft had to land in a nearby country and they came into the country by road. (unconfirmed source)

Every man created by God has a runway by which events enter into his life. The events here could be favors, miracles, connections, job opportunities etc. The size of your runway determines the level of results that will be attracted into your life. God meant something serious when he said you should enlarge your tent.

I have a story of two good friends. They finished primary school together. One wanted to further his studies while the other decided to look for a job. As time went on, the one that wanted to work was always there to support the other one especially in the area of fees in school for a long time. As destiny would have it, they both lost contact and after a very long time, they met again but on a very different levels. The one that added values to himself by going back to school had stepped up greatly to become the general manager of a big multinational and the other was just a little lifted. So, it was time to repay back. The one of general manager could only support him financially and make him the chief driving officer in the company. Even though he would have loved to give him a higher post but he was not qualified especially in terms of skills, Orientation, experience and so on. In other words, his runway was too short for such an opportunity.

It is not everything that answers to prayer, emotion and sentiment. You just have to be competent by improving on yourself. Everyman must increase in knowledge and training. You must step up in your education level, human, business and communication skills. Your relationship with people must improve by being a good person. You need people in your life according to Isaiah 46:11 but you must put your absolute trust in God alone. There are some blessings God will not deposit into your life until your tent is enlarged. Your runway is enlarged anytime you add values to your life.

Bill Clinton and his entourage had to come in by road from a neighboring nation because the runway was too short. It simply means that, there are some jobs, contract, opportunities, favor that cannot haven base in your life. They will have to be coming from other people into your life because you have failed to work on your own runway by improving on your abilities. It is not too late or too early to start in life because every stage in life is a good place to begin. Go in that might. God bless you.

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